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Tube Types

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Tube Base Pin Device Structure
10LD13 1a,2g,3k,4h,5h,6ad1,7s,8ad2,9ic Double Diode Triode
10LD3 1h,2a,3g1,4s,5ad2,6ad1,7k,8h Double Diode Triode
10P14 1nc,2h,3a,4g2,5g1,7h,8k Beam Power Tube
10P18 1ic,2g1,3kg3,4h,5h,6ic,7a,8ic,9g2 Pentode Power Tube
10PL12 1g1,2ks',3g1',4h,5h,6a',7g2',8k,9a Triode Beam Tetrode Power Output
10Y 4d 1f,2p,3g,4f Triode Power Output
112A 4d 1f,2p,3g,4f Triode Detector Amplifier
114B 1nc,2f,3nc,4nc,5nc,6cn,7f,8nc,||g Triode Power Output
117L7/M7 Beam Power Tube - Diode Half-Wave Rectifier
117M7 Beam Power Tube - Diode Half-Wave Rectifier
117N7 ?
117P7 1nc,2h,3p',4g1',5g2',6k',7hp,8k Beam Power Tube - Diode Half-Wave Rectifier
117Z3 1ic,2nc,3h,4h,5p,6k,7nc Half-Wave
117Z4 1s,2h,3nc,4nc,5p,6nc,7h,8k Half-Wave
117Z6 1s,2h,3p'',4k'',5p',7h,8k' Full-Wave
117Z6G/GT 1s,2h,3p'',4k'',5p',7h,8k' Full-Wave
11BM8 Hi-Mu Triode with Power Pentode
11R3 ?
11Y9 Dual Pentode
1201 High Frequency Triode

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