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Tube Types

Select or type a tube name to get its specific information.

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Tube Base Pin Device Structure
00A 4d 1f+,2p,3g,4f- Triode
01A 4d 1f+,2p,3g,4f- Radio Triode
0A2 1a,2k,3ic,4k,5a,6ic,7k Voltage-Regulator
0A3 1nc,2k,3j,4nc,5a,6nc,7j,8nc Voltage-Regulator
0A4 1nc,2k,3nc,4nc,5a,7g,8nc Voltage-Regulator
0B2 1a,2k,3ic,4k,5a,6ic,7k Voltage-Regulator
0B3 1nc,2k,3j,5p,7j,8nc Voltage-Regulator
0C3 1nc,2k,3j,5p,7j,8nc Voltage-Regulator
0D3 1nc,2k,3j,5p,7j,8nc Voltage-Regulator
0G3 1p,2k,3ic,4k,5p,6ic,7k Voltage-Regulator
0Y4 1s,3se,5a,7k,8k Half-Wave
0Z4 1s,3p2,5p1,7nc,8k Full-Wave
0Z4A 1s,3p2,5p1,7nc,8k Full-Wave
0Z4G 1s,3p2,5p1,7nc,8k Full-Wave
10 1f,2p,3g,4f Triode Power Output
100-85 Radio ?
100-A Boonton ?
100-C Boonton ?
1003 1s,3p2,5p1,7nc,8k Full-Wave
1005 ?

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